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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tamur Records

This summer, I moved in with my bassist to North Bergen NJ, which is right outside the Lincoln Tunnel. When I moved in, I had little idea that I was being inducted into the organization known as Tamur Records. Conor Meara heads Tamur Records, and along with playing bass in Le Rug, Conor played in the legendary but completely unknown NJ group Canaries. In our house, we had a fully stocked recording studio and we would produce groups for free, and then provide the groups with free downloads of their music from the Tamur Records website. With the way the contemporary music industry is only providing the tragically hip and trendy with record contracts, Tamur Records is effectively providing an outlet for musicians that doesn’t involve buying clothes from American Apparel and wearing eye make up. Scrolling down the Tamur Records website, one is able to download enough records to keep you listening for a whole month. So, if you are looking for new music that you would otherwise have never heard, or you are part of a musical project looking for a baby’s daddy, you will be pleasantly satisfied after checking out all of the wonderfully free music on Tamur Records.
Some of the groups on Tamur Records are....

Micheal Jordan
Micheal Jordan is a 5 piece throbbing noise punk machine from New York and New Jersey. Almost sounds like if the members of My Bloody Valentine decided to snort a shit ton of amphetamines and make love to Bad Brains. You can find an E.P. of theirs on the Tamur Records site. Seeing them live is a must, your ears might bleed being that they are one of the loudest groups on the planet, but you'll like the sound of that after a few minutes of their ferocious live set.

Every Bunny Welcome

Every Bunny Welcome is the Project of Alec Gabin after his previous group (Canaries) broke up. Gabin is an unbelievably talented songwriter whose influences range from Wu-Tang, to Black Sabbath, to Caustic Resin. The best thing is, that if you spend time getting enveloped in his records, you can hear snippets of the influences coming through the filter of Gabin's super excited keyboards, lush guitars, and visceral baritone vocals. E.B.W. has released several records, all available on the Tamur Records website (again here) the most recent of which is called 'Mericans, in which i was invited to play drums on the record. Sadly, Mr. Gabin is moving away to go to school in Canada at the end of the summer so its unlikely that you can see him live, but there are plenty of records of his to keep you busy until he gets back.

Eskimeaux is the brainchild of Gabby Smith. Gabby, instead of using the facilities of the in home studio, Gabby records everything on her mac book with garage band. The resulting sound is one of the most original groups I've ever heard. Ranging from dreamy, to atonal, to completely ear piercing, the songs are all intelligent, and well thought out. All of the Eskimeaux records are available for free on Tamur Records. On her record Helleaux, keep your ears open for a fantastic cover of umbrella.


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